PHT2S1 – Fashion Photography 2018

Personal project & portfolio.



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PHT2S1 – Personal project & portfolio

Portfolio Build – Creative Essay


Dear to the festivity of indulging in a journey of my own. With the sons and daughters who know how to carry their whole. Soul so strong I just would love to confide with thee. It is a spiritual thing that oozes success in it.

Run your entire world.

This is to the visual story tellers… it is only right when you care about it, when you love it so dearly. When you want to protect this beauty of damage.

Walk so bold in your mileage, in fact run like you seeking your throne. Your success in the cold.

My name is Khanyisile Mamojele ‘issavibe, and I am a storyteller, I am a Creative Director . I pledge with the words from my own reality. It’s only easy,  pretty much better when you face the glow of the world, the unknown. The shutter speeds and apertures, deep in resolution. Lost in the fusion with focal lengths, reaching the focus purpose. The bold attitude, with the elements of composition. On the intentions of not just fitting in, but yes, sliding deep in.

To royalty.

The pleasure is dearly mine…

Radio Blog 1


(, 2018)


Growing is a pleasant gift that opens up the truth about one. Each choice saves a moment the memories are flying through like the present doesn’t exist. I remain trying to promise myself that one day it will be fine. I just have to deviate from my pleasure of not being ENOUGH and admit that Love is one of the true reverences that exist to be alive. Love is patient and kind, the phrase has to remind me of my own naked truth, revealed clearly in my present life.

Not everyone who says God, will be revealed to his Glory, yet there is so much thirst to quench. When I withdraw from the mass and seek for my OWN. It is almost like I am running for the throne. Yet, it exits in the cold. how do I choose to grow and shut out the world and protect myself for the gifts of my soul.

I seeked, I seeked I couldn’t find. I am moderating this life like it is a car and I swear a fast one. How do I quiet down the ego? How do I humble myself from this fancy world that seem to be wasting on my soul. When is the time to grow? Well! when I am ready to answer my call. Paying attention on the sideways, anxiety raising bars like all I ever needed was LOVE.

It always been, it never sleeps, its haunting me, you reign supreme but little mamacita you choose not to see. Where is you? Where is me? I swear at this point I am imagining travelling the world. Maybe if I learn to face the present with a better overview. There’s so much treasures that exist within each of us. The beauty of success is when you seek through and improvise, the image matters when its only televised.


Peace all the way from within…

Music in Production: (2018). T.SALAMATIK’s Portfolio on Shutterstock. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Oct. 2018].


A distilled reflection of beauty!

It is always a remarkable journey to free your soul only to let it mate. Towards the drive I found her indeed Palesa Madi, one of the students in Boston Media House, currently in her second year in #2018. Darling majors in Journalism and as the title leads ‘liberation’ she is fully comprised of artistic, rebellious, open-mind and ‘jumping before thinking’ she describes. The world of creativity includes a hybrid of different cultures living expressively, that requires challenging one personally.

She challenges herself to thinking new everyday, even though she tends to contradict herself, she uttered. Her voice engaged in a bit of a worry while sitting next to me. A moment of connection took unto the online stream. This is what creatives do. They fulfill each other with the little magic that they have, towards making it bigger and growing it to the world’s possibilities.

Age: 20

Born: 10 April 1998

Characteristics: Bold, Innovative, daring, honest and childish.

Diversion: Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Doing hair (Braiding), she also added that her favorite thing she enjoys doing is cutting out pieces from different clothing and create a completely new masterpiece.

Goals: “I want to have my own clothing line and a skin care range. I want to have my own cartoon show, so kids all around the world can be able to see it. I want to build a school for liberals, where kids can come there from a young age, and give kids the tools to help them inspire the future generation. Last but not least I wanna buy a farm and live there for the rest of my life from the age 35. Live far in the Hills, a designated area where I have my own electric and water system , that will sustain me for the rest of my life” – Palesa Madi.

Star Sign: Aries




A Traveling Mind

Imagine, the whole world filled in your mind. To realize the purpose all the way from inside. The blog ” A traveling mind” is aimed to embrace the power that lies in a mind of the beholder. The actions made by a great ideal of thinking that is made thoroughly and roughly to fit the well-being in a rightful category. That is to embrace the true needs of the body, mind and spirit.

The blog aims to transfer the harmony in different online platforms including twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The online community built by the life of technical advancements also require a special treatment of delivering needs through the usage of online marketing. A traveling mind enjoys seeing in the lives of many artists and embracing their journeys throughout their entire lives.

Hi! My name is Khanyisile Mamojele. The online world is almost like my diary and a working environment where I seize to recreate myself and learning how to focus on my intuition. Maintaining the consistency in this treasure would be magnificent as I also wish to plant my seeds in this wonderful story. With the entire help from the Word press app, I  would love to rejoice in my artwork courtesy of the vibrant khanyissalot mate #Happy. I am smiling from ear to ear since I am trying to reach my zen and fitting it back to my whole again.

A Traveling mind is a constant reminder and study of within, to keep on and go ahead reach the dreams and stretch into a much more higher faith. Views means people who are dear to your catering in society and also discovering the specific part of the journey.

What a time to be alive.

PHT2F3 – Still Life Photography


Still life Photography


The insight of a mind is a brand new one each day you are thankful for life. The entity is broaden up in text and a recreation of the living. Do not corrupt your element follow it through, the story of a pretty mind that only promotes positive vibe, that is the entertainer.


Keep calm, calculate.

Keep calm, communicate.

Keep calm, rehabilitate.

Keep calm, facilitate.



PHT2F3 – Environmental Portraiture


T i p   T o e s  B e a u t y  S p a .

A topic of Beauty targets an enormous number of individuals tailored as a clientele. Beauty is skin deep as veterans would say. In this context I am looking at beauty as a subject withdrawn from the African tribe in the modern age which is largely influenced by an innovative involvement of technology and complex ideologies of owning your true identity.

We have seen how different cultures translate beauty. It is truly a time to be alive as an African to have received an intellect return to our originality.

SONY DSC – Sony DSLR a300 f 5/6 ISO 400

Through a thorough research of what beauty truly is and ways of showing it, most women feel that beauty starts first from the inside and it then reflects on the outside.

Through the ever-fought patriarchal system, women have found ways of planting an everlasting seed in the beauty industry, and one of them is Thato Molaba from Zone 2 Meadowlands in Soweto. A 32-year-old describes her work as a hobbie and that she enjoys being around people and uplifting others through different situations they come across. As a master in beauty and therapy, Thato has managed to secure a location of Tip Toes Beauty Spa in the main road of Dobsonville, Soweto. The beauty goddess communicates her personality as upbeat, self-motivated, team player with an excellent communication skill. Tip Toes Beauty Spa and its friendly workforce aims to operate in different provinces across the nation. It also aims to uplift and motivate the youth to venture in businesses as entrepreneurs.

The passionate Thato works with other beautiful ladies serving as nail and make-up artists. The list includes Bongiwe Pearl Zwane (26), Smangele Tholakele Hlatshwayo (29), Sbongile Joy Shabangu (27) and Ntando Dlamini (21).