Push me to the floor, don’t give up until I’m begging you for more. 

Push me to the ground, it’s the only level where I can find myself, and allow myself to stand, taller than what I was before. I beg you, I’ve seen the view from afar, giving up means shutting down my eyes, the flash of a blue sky, is the hunger I always had for my sight. 

Strong was my intensity, a transport fled by enemies, I enter the world, to strike my core foundation, a great expectation. Wish I knew about my enemies? No! Because the only thing I ever wanted to know it is the naturalism, the real me to strike in every position. 

Running to my enemies is a flood full of questions, It could have been pink or blue, shut the fuck up you ran cause you’re a fool. The fuel to life is the food, no feeding stomachs because you’re poor. 

I cancel the limelight for a lemon, that’s what life kept on giving as a first aid. Bring the juice, release the sugar, for a different life I could taste, or a different question I could raise. I’m torn stuck between the world of beauty the possibility and money the root to cruelty, stuck in belief, of this life that chose me. I’m fighting, I’m constantly fighting seeking for answers on the raw line. 

Suck up my raw mind, put in your rare kinds. You told me I would live, money the root to all evil I still leak, blood everyday, mines everywhere, it’s a different life we live. 


Ssssssh… Shut up, I suppose I am not one to mention. 

Maybe life could have been complete if we were taught to love ourselves from birth. Expressing your feelings means being true to yourself. Not loving yourself could simply mean sticking to things that are very cruel to your wellbeing, because  you constantly feel you don’t deserve the beauty of life. 

God brought life to human kind because he loved his art, all he ever wished for was for his art to give gratitude to its existence. He gave his Art the power to live and actually increase.

If we were taught how to love ourselves, we would know that nothing in life is superior than human life. Humans are the light that switch on the world. Humans are the oxygen of this world, the activities brought within this world are different energies that ignite the living being of this world. We kill each other, we kill our world, the comfort of a Higher zone. 

We steer the world in different directions, be careful that the world doesn’t lead to a resurrection of illumination, our kids grow with a contamination, because we live to grow in division. We say we Christians but we the righteous ones to the evil. We praise the evil powers, money reign on our kind, rain on our minds, wet them up, and let rain pour dust. 

We blindfolded. They win with four arms, greedily with full arms. Pigs scattered everywhere,  is the world of lies. The attachment full of lust.  

Wake up Human Kind, a warning is blocked from your minds. The black dot is highlighted by white, you will never survive in the limelight. 

My sweet Revelation. 

Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so High, like a diamond in the sky. Twinkle, Twinkle little one, you my brightest light, even before I get to touch you. 

I have hope that you are the treasure, that was meant for me. I see you unfolding my dreams, your reality is a song composed for me. The meaning of life and hope, to respect and thank the world, for granting me the ability to hold and honor the light you bring. 

My twinkle star, the thought of you removes the bad wonder. That keeps me terrified with a great pile of, what ifs. It’s a shiver down my spine, that keeps me excited to hold you once you get to me. 

I already love you more than the word itself. Twinkle star how I wonder what you are. I blush, with a slight grin. You fulfill me, to my best ability. To perform my gratitude dance, through the Universe I confess. My Revelation of happiness, I am impressed. 

I am flexible, I am able, now that the secret is revealed. Truly Happiness will rule.

Just because of you, my dear twinkle star. 

Unseen, a stranger to the moment. 

Why am I so scared of the unseen like it is a burden of responsibilities. Why do I doubt myself, when I have everything I need. The Unseen free me from this misery of feeling guilty. Unseen free me from what could be. Unseen help me manouvre freely. 

I have thought of you Unseen, what if this was me? I ask myself desperately in need of answers, immediately. Unseen people tend to judge you for what you could be. Is it a mistake, to wait for you positively. 

Unseen you could be my brightest dream, because I had to be ready in order to win. Unseen allow me to come forward prepared. I’m sorry for being scared, for I don’t know what to prepare for. 

Unseen my unique thing. 

Love the Source of the Most. 

What is eternity? What speaks for itself but never boasts?  What builds trust in the midst of wars and declares justice?  I didn’t know this could happen, it was only existing in the possibility of my dreams. 

 Who does bigger things? The one who is spiritualy informed. Who does miracles? the Creation that has been formed to touch and turn everything into Gold. 

The Source is the provider, I am alive, I breathe science the study of possibilities. I can heal, I don’t need no pills, I don’t need  no medical schemes. 

Love is my Doctor, laughter is the medicine recommended by my Doctor. I feel Joy, when I seek from within. I am amazing born in the place to be. Africa my beginning. Afrocentric, I am the electric, I distract when I flow incorrectly. 

A traveling mind, always looking and always finds, the journey fills my basket with food for Thought, fruits to enhance the imaginative canvas of goals. It’s the life given freely, it’s the life taken costly. 

What is humility? When our greater ability is to get what has always been ours. I for mine, I start not to care because, I did sweat for mine, I look down on you, because you need help in what you do. 

Humility, humane, I for you, you for me, I see you my brother. We here to conquer, I love you as a sister and I love how you and I connect. The connection is alive, the best network provider is Love. 

I bow to my Being. 

I bow to my Being. I can’t go back to sleep. I can’t deny, I once was deep in the sleep. Always believed in everything I see. I now see, and feel if it’s not close to my dream,  I let go, I can’t waste my energy, trying to grasp my soul’s enemies. 

I cannot deny what I could be. For I was made for Me. 

Namaste 🙏. 

The surface is not the actual destiny, dig deeper. 

This poem is close to my heart, because I always feel the importance of women praising their significant counterparts.  I feel like when a man is more acknowledged, then it becomes easier for them to engage fully in their superior roles within the society. 

Yes, women are powerful but our men become even more powerful when they have loyal women by their side. Who truly appreciate them for who they are. 

I am glad, I see the light now, that a man shouldn’t be evaluated for what he has, but what he could be. 

Eve take a good care of Your Adam, don’t let the world set standards for him.