Jim comes to Joburg

Lately! I have been feeling like a winner. It totally feels right after a lifetime of gazing in my thoughts about my very own dreams. My arrival in the city made me realise a lot of things, that my mind couldn’t consume in just a day, not even a year. The first thing I discovered is the importance of gratitude. Rather than filing for blasphemous complains about life, I found an alternative. Money is a motive in the city, certain characters can even wear it, in the name of FLASHING. While others are working so hard for it without any trip to enjoying it.

The relevance of a topic or a trend, is an archive in a blink of an eye. That is ultimately how fast the city is. Distractions can haunt you like walking mannequins if you don’t keep your timer. If you’re a liker of things like me, strive to decrease the level of envy in you. I found myself disliking the subject of mingling with people, because they take up ones energy with their shitty talks. Brave advisers are like diamonds, always wished upon but super hard to find. In a so called city, I just want to see myself indulging in a doughnut which I worked hard for, instead of a shortcut to a rich man who can give much more, with less knowledge of how and where they came from.

If you do not treat your mind like a pot of Gold, you most likely to fall for each pathological liar who just wants you to work like a dog in order for them to survive. They act like smarty pants but the saddest truth is that their lies catch up. I never thought that my experience would be so loud, that when I saw a fashion of expressionist. I was hooked for life. Its so real, its definitely bringing Heaven to Earth.

The Art of believing in Thyself is a consistent pleasure to realising the most that can come from you. I wrote this article with enough sensitivity and I do sense the judgements from afar. Read up in my intuition, from the strong pointers of human nature.

I have found fulfilment!


“Justice Today” – 05 September (Archive)

05 September 2017. (Archive)

Just as the thought flows. Positive is the ultimate course . To look at everyday as it pours. With an ideal success from God. Perspective is the goal. Composed by an image of climbing up the ladder, in the midst of grey. Could I block my imagination from carrying me through the journey of hope. I hope to be every young again. So I can be blinded by an element of progress. Not to be technical but be as natural as I am. No rearrangements but noticing the struggle with Joy instead of really whinning.

Love what you do, most importantly do what you love and who you are when you do it. Be grateful for the gift of life. Still it resides from the bottom of my heart to approach with the energy that resists rejection. Application is a free will that could get you rewards one day. My mind is a museum.

I watch it gaze as it tries to find itself as a subject in the picture, as a content in an article, as the organs in ones body. Look on the horizon, artistry is the impression. Go with the flow. Look for life in the current moment. It is the time to believe you are alive.

Don’t panic. Be prepared…




A travelling mind through the use of the technical world. Spontaneity doesn’t even second thought it goes and expresses the flaws. Insecurity, No! I don’t even want to consume the next thought. Let’s go to the other side that paces the City like dust. More of this is me and I do write like a Queen. Truly, solely deep .

This is entirely an interesting journey of truly stepping into the realm of Thy. Without any consideration, but an admiration of concentration towards expression and learning in the routined journey of life.



Mind Expression!


An anticipation of realizing dreams a beautiful destiny to live life as experienced. A divine nature to realizing a true meaning of a daily. Featuring the blend of careers each day to understand, even though understanding is an understatement. It goes beyond depending largely on the individuals spontaneity, Basically spend a day with a smile, warmth and enthusiastic. Its like almost realizing your dream.

A blogger turned into a magazine forecast. Go out and win the mountain climb with a typical good feeling  to achieve. Its not about saving, its about expression and when done properly well, strictly and ultimately everything is entirely on point.

In case  you realizing a woman in power owning her realm in a quite Queenly and more of a divine pleasure. Not almost waking your man up with worries. More of, I am here and there trying to enhance the spontaneity and I honestly love and appreciate it. Fashion and Expression, killing your passion that wakes up your hunger each night. To value your dreams even more than yesterday.

World wake up…

Dirty Thoughts.


Read up let me spread you my feels instead of spreading thighs, that was just to show you who I was on the inside. I can break the walls, I don’t even need an invite. Want to listen to me in case I find myself rhyme. Partying’up is myself let me show you the vibe. speaker shots, I am the stage and I love all your attention.

I knew the was something so special about going out. Music so loud, still I am the attention, I am the party. I am the party, I am myself. I still got your attention. Tongue out, tongue out. It is the culture. It is expression coming all the way from inside. exploring the technical energy is the crazy twist to it.

Going! going on, no switching no lights. Radio, radio I am on like I am wise. Take a look at my eyes and read up your mind, don’t get confused the first thought is right.

Maybe later we can take it inside, where the warmest love rejoices. Affirmations and cry to the gold stuck inside. Roaming in the streets, come feel the heat. Come on babe that is just what you need.

Showcasing what is called dreams in the university of mind. Negative is what I don’t want. Shining so bright, I am hormonal to the calling. Take me like a shot. I feel the need to give you all away to the special drunk.

Ba Ba black sheep, I am the Queen. Yes! I can switch

Live to overpower fear.

There’s a devil roaming around my shoulder and his expectations are causing me not to live. His expectations are causing me to misunderstand not just a term to live. I rise above the storms that is the truth known. I rise above the midst of packed unprivileged words and I confess I CAN, entirely I WILL. I Bow down until I see the light of success, inspiration is my daily content.

I set the bar HIGH, let the voice of my tone be heard in the most highest mountains. I scream, I dream , I live to be free in the cause of thorns, trapping me not to reach the designed destiny for my presence. Life is the gift meant to be received with such a grace of rejoice.

I demand a break through. I will walk on the Fire of my burning DESIRE. Accepting the request from my spirit. RISE Soul, Rise so HIGH above the never.

It is time to teach few lessons of life through the most trustful supreme of THY intuition. The lessons are freely given from the Made. The lessons are to preach to those who are missing out on the point of being truly alive. The present is the gift. I release the spirit of LOVE, I release the spirit of the TRUTH. I release the JOY, PEACE & LOVE.


“The Day in the Life”


After a nice treat of my bottle. Dreamland is my next destination, I look forward to. Where I actually remain peaceful for long hours, while mom is busy trying to do everything. It does sound a lot, hence why she is a supermom.

This is the end of my “Day in the Life” pleasure. See! It is pretty simple, and great to be around people who always strive to cater your needs. I am also grateful to have made my arrival into warm hands. Hope you enjoyed it, as much as I did enjoy taking you in the journey of my activities. Now it is time for me to dream BIG.

Okay! Off you go now camera lady :-).

Twinkle, twinkle little star! how I wonder what you are! up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky!